Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've had fun learning new things about people so I figured I would do this as well.

1.I’m afraid of the dark... my mind just starts playing tricks on me.

2.My husband always opens the car door for me. He has since we’ve been dating and I can’t remember a time he hasn’t since we’ve been married!

3.In high school I worked on a corn wagon, at a Victorian tea house and at a frozen custard shop at one time.

4.I enjoy traveling and have been to Turkey, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Lesotho, South Africa, 30 States and 6 Provinces.

5.I have only kissed one man, my husband... and I’m the only one he’s ever kissed!

6.I loved the smell of pipe smoke when I was pregnant and really want to smoke a pipe now!

7.I have lots of dreams; two things are to fly in a hot air balloon and pet a giraffe.

8.I have never liked eating chicken that has bones in it…only chicken breasts.

9.I had a midwife and delivered my daughter in a big pool of water. It was such a wonderful labor experience! I would really like to deliver a baby at home someday.

10.I'm a jack of all trades, master of none - I can work on cars, cook, drywall/mud, make furniture, sew, do stained glass, etc… I just love learning new things!

11.I have pierced my nose twice (once by a professional and once involving a sterilized needle, a leatherman, and a carrot) and would like to pierce it again.

12.I love bonfires (and roasting hotdogs, YUM!) but we don’t have a bonfire pit at our house yet. We can’t decide where to put it!

13.I would really really like to become a real estate agent.

14.My new thing is making pies. It’s just so fun!

15.I’m terribly afraid of mice. I have to pick my feet up just thinking about them! One time I stayed upstairs the whole day (until my husband got home) because I thought there was a mouse downstairs… and our bathroom is on the 1st floor. But I’m really trying to get better because I don’t want to teach my daughter to be so afraid of them!

16.I love playing instruments but only get to play like a ¼ of what I used to. It’s discouraging how much worse I’ve gotten!

17.I like things neat and organized and thankfully my husband does too!

18.I really really really miss my family and friends in Ohio. I cry probably once a week because I miss them so much…. but I’m not sure I would be happy if I moved back…

19.I love Manitoba (except that it’s so bitterly cold!!!) but still don’t feel at home here.

20.I am way more in love with my husband now than on our wedding day. I can not believe God brought us together and that Jon chose me as his bride… it brings tears to my eyes.

21.We have been renovating out house since we got married. We’ve redone everything. Everything! We are almost done with the main house (it takes SO much longer when we can only work on it in the evenings and weekends!) and we’re going to start on the basement in the late spring. Then we’ll probably sell! Go figure!

22.I LOVE being a mom (most days)!! I didn’t think I could possibly love another child more but I’m starting to want another one!

23.I can’t do laundry or wash dishes right now because we ran out of water. We have to haul water but we’ll be getting water hook up in a few months! I’m very glad about that!

24.Cheez-its are one of my favorite things and I’m so sad they don’t have them in Canada!!!

25.I’m going to go play “picnic” with my daughter now!

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  1. Renee!!! You have a blog! I didn't know! What a joy (for me)! Hooray!