Friday, February 20, 2009

And She's Off

It’s official. Alia has figured out the whole crawling thing. Once she got it down there was no stopping her… by suppertime she was motoring around the house! It’s so cute! But I have to admit… my job has just gotten a little more complex! I actually locked her out of the office the other day… I know, what a bad mom! I just wanted to quickly finish up something without her getting into stuff. The poor girl had her face pressed against the French door making the saddest face she could muster! I can’t help but stick my lip out now as I think about it!

With crawling comes a whole new realm of safety precautions. Before I was pregnant I bought a whole whack load of baby safety stuff on clearance. After a few attempts to stick her fingers in the light socket I figured it was time to take action! When all was said and done… out of 2 big boxes of safety devices… I used 2 things. The light socket plugs (which Jon still thinks is ridiculous!) and this little cupboard lock thing for under the sink. Really now… why would I need to lock the refrigerator and the dishwasher (which we don’t have), shorten all the cords, cover the VCR slot, and bolt every cupboard closed?! Maybe I’m too laid back, but are parents just leaving their children alone for days on end? It’s crazy. So the new plan is to teach Alia what she’s allowed to touch and what she isn’t. Makes sense to me. I’m new at this whole game… so time will tell how my method works!

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  1. Go Renee! That's all we did also. Although sometimes I'll admit I would like to baby proof everything just so my entire kitchen is not covering the floor by the time supper is ready. But I guess it keeps him busy. How fun that Alia is crawling!