Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pizza and Penelope

After M.O.M.'s on Tuesday my best friend Jen invited me over for a birthday lunch! And to my delight she ordered pizza from Pizza Hotline... my new favorite "Canadian" pizza! We shared a HUGE pizza between the two of us and visions of kids napping danced in our heads. Our goal was to watch the movie "Penelope" in peace and quiet. We tried not to make it obvious that we were rushing the kids to sleepy land... and it worked! Quietness for an hour and a half - that's a new record for us!
It was such a great afternoon! Penelope was a fun movie and a lil reminder to be happy with who we are - pig snout and all.
Jen also surprised me with a beautiful necklace and 3 episodes of "Extreme Home Makeover". So... I carried on the festivities and watched 2 of them after Ali went to bed! SO NICE! Over all it was a relaxed day that I look back on and smile!
Thanks again Jen!

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  1. Hey there sweetie...I'm so glad we could share that afternoon of bliss. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your friendship and love our daily conversations. Love ya!