Monday, February 23, 2009

Flowers and Chatter

On Saturday Jerilynn invited us over for a birthday dinner for me! It was so nice. Gramma and Grampa joined us and we had a lovely spread of food! Ham with pineapple and cherries, scalloped potatoes, homegrown beans, fresh bread, squash with cranberries and carrots, and ice cream cake for dessert. I was so blessed! Her and Joe gave me a beautiful gerbra daisy too… my favorite!
We were there until about 1:30 am and just enjoyed chatting and connecting with them again! Though Jer doesn’t know it… the simple act of having a dinner for me spoke volumns (as I write that it sounds a little self centered… but know that’s not the intention!). I felt disconnected to the “only” family we had here and I needed this evening so much. It was a small act that I'll remember for awhile.

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