Monday, November 8, 2010

Weather This Amazing...

... means lots of walking, when usually we'd be waddling in snowsuits by now!

It has just been gorgeous!

We still have to bundle up a little... but we'll take it, no complaining!!!

Alia even got her bicycle out! She wasn't excited or anything :)

And when daddy "drives" they have to hit all the bumps...potholes...

... and dirt they can find!

I know ya'll may be starting to wonder, but yes, I am an active participant in our daily activities... it's just rarely documented!!!

And what would a walk be without throwing a couple rocks in the water?!? Devastating in Alia's books!

No sooner had we rounded the bend from rock throwing when Alia spotted Uncle Ron and Auntie Betty! After a few excited waves and a bicycle bell chime "hello" the I'm cold... I'm cold's started! The little goof girl KNOWS that she gets to warm up at their house when she's chilly... so in we go!

And after some puzzling, a game, and some pizza we were on our way again! (We are SO BLESSED to have "family" here that we can do that with!)

I tell ya... walking around our little community just makes me smile! It doesn't have manicured lawns, or extravagant houses, or much to look at... but it sure is friendly... and I'll take that ANY day of the year!

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