Friday, November 19, 2010

Until the First Snow Fall Hits...

... I'm usually in denial that winter is coming! As is bound to happen, a couple days ago I had to wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak! Our world had turned white overnight and there was no denying it!

Out come the fleece PJ's, the long johns, the snowsuits, the toques, the mittens, the scarves, the boots, the heated mattress pad, the.... SEE?!?! This is just one more reason why I prefer warm weather! The sheer amount of STUFF that ones needs to survive is astounding!

But kids don't quite care how many layers they have to bundle up in... as long as they can make tracks in the snow, throw a few snowballs, take an occasional sleigh ride, and get their snowmobile fix!

Larren was enthralled with the swirling snow outside! Alia was just relieved that her "beloved winter" had come back... she was starting to wonder!

And I'm not sure if it's scientific or not... but there is just SOMETHING about kids licking the windows when it's cold outside! Oh... you're kids don't do that, ya say?! Ha. Haha. Uhhhh, just forget I mentioned it!

BUT, when there's proof... there's proof!!

Wish me warmth... winter has struck... and it's a LONG HAUL til Spring!

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