Thursday, November 18, 2010

House #10

Whelp... last week we looked at our tenth house (in the last 18 months), and once again... crossed it off the list!!

*Sigh* I'll be honest... I'm thankful for our house and the work that we've done to it, but I still long for our "family house". We only planned to stay here for a year... and it's been over five! Which is okay... God has helped us reach our goals here in this place, so our goals in the next house will be more attainable... BUT, our family isn't getting any smaller!

We want to raise our kids in the country... and by choosing so, our housing options are GREATLY limited! So... I will continue to learn contentment in our current housing situation and make our cozy little abode as homey as possible!

To help make this house a little more of what we want, we've made a small "to do" list. Besides finishing the basement (which we're REALLY hoping to find a new house before it gets to that!!), there are only a couple things on the list... and here are a few.

Item #1 Hang up more picture frames for extra "homeyness" - done
Item #2 Hang up some kid friendly coat hooks near the front door - in progress
Item #3 Hang a mirror above the deacon's bench - still trying to find a mirror I like
Item #4 Add more lighting to the living room - done

I tell ya... what a difference lighting can make! We've been spending so much more time in the living room, basking in the artificial glow!

One would think adding more light would be as easy as pie... but remember, this is an OLD house we're talking about! And nothing in an old house is as it should be!

During the day our living room is bright and sunny... but in the evening is when we really notice the lack of light!

Here's Alia lending her expertise while Daddy re-wires some stuff!

It took a bit of time and thinking... but Jon managed to hook up the new lights to the 2nd existing light switch (which only powered an outlet) with very minimal problems!

I was standing close by, WITH the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust, as he drilled these holes but BOY, WHAT A MESS! Drywall dust is one thing.... but two layers of drywall AND lath and plaster makes for an awful lot of clean up!

But thanks to my Mr. Handyman... we now have a much, much, much better lighting combo!

And that will make winter a little more bearable!

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