Monday, November 8, 2010

Daughter Date

On Saturday morning Alia and I met up with my best friend, and her daughter, for a lovely... refreshing... super fun... double date!!

It was just grand!

We oohhed and aahhed our way around the towns big craft show, had the girls' faces painted, got some goodies from Tim Horton's, and then B-lined it to the park! It was a gorgeous day... and we thoroughly enjoyed our Tim Bits while soaking in as much sun as possible!

I didn't bring my camera... but here are some after shots of Alia's rainbow!

And here's our little rainbow princess in action! (You can tell by her grin that she KNOWS exactly what I'm going to say next!!)

She was super super hyper when we got home!
Jon was finding it hard to refrain from giving me a "Renee... she is supposed to go down for a nap pretty soon and you got her all wired up" speech :)

A few left over Tim Bits for the taking!

My friend and I have enjoyed the craft show in years past... but "kidless" has usually been the goal. No sirree... not anymore! We had so much fun that we have officially declared this "daughter date" a new yearly tradition... and next year Larren will join the ranks as well!

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