Thursday, November 11, 2010

Climbing to the Top


We interrupt your regular scheduled program to bring you this update! We now have a champion stair climber in our home! YES, you heard me right! Larren has officially climbed the unclimbable!

Why don't I let Larren tell you about her successful climb herself... here she is folks... give a big family round of applause to... LAR BEAR!

Well, see... it was really quite easy! I've been eyeing those big beautiful stairs for a couple days now, and have even tested them out a time or two. But ya know... I just didn't have the confidence to take the plunge (well, okay... so maybe I did take a plunge or two, but that's not the point!). After a hearty energy boosting supper, I decided that tonight was the night... I was going to show those stairs who's boss!

I think Mom got some footage... can I have a confirmation on that? Excuse me? Anyone listening, anyone? Thank you! Okay, yes... I have it confirmed that we DO HAVE footage! ROLL IT!

Ahhh yes, here I am... with my award winning smile... ready to start my climb! After much research I decided to go with the "Daddy stand behind me and please catch me if I fall" method. Friends tell me that it works like a charm, and I too recommend this method to fellow climbers!

I had my doubts there at the beginning (that's a long ways up, ya know!!)...

but with the help of a VERY LOUD cheering fan, I decided to continue on!

One down... this might not be too bad!

So here we are... about a 1/4 of the way up... and I was really starting to feel it in my calves, I tell ya!

But I took at deep breath and continued on!

After my moment of near defeat... I was ready to go for the gold!

And here I am *tear* on the last *tear* stair...

I was a little stunned that I made it, actually! I mean... my life long dream had become a reality!!!

I'd like to thank my mom (aka crazy camera lady), my dad (ever my safety net), my sister (speaking of my sister... where was SHE during this whole event...), my...

Alright, THANK YOU Larren! We are just so thrilled about your accomplishments and wish you much success and safety in your future climbs!

... and my pink stuffed teddy bear, and my...

Again, yes, thank you Larren... back to you Bill!

... and if the maker of Cheerios would like to contact me for any contracts...

*Nervous smile* And BACK TO YOU BILL!!!! BILL?!?!

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