Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunday Mornings...

... are always a struggle at our house.

Our girls are early to bed and late to rise... which typically is GREAT! Except on Sunday mornings. It adds an extra element of rushing that I'm not too fond of!

We're supposed to be out of the house by 9 am for Sunday School... and sadly enough, the last two Sundays we haven't made it.

We're usually 100% ready by 9:20... but by then we'd be a good 15-20 minutes late to Sunday School. SO... we wait and wait until it's time to head into town for church!

We're bright eyed and bushy tailed...

with our Sunday clothes and shoes on...

and even have some extra time for an "airplane ride"...

... but some Sunday morning I would just really like to:

- have Jon and I ready before the girls wake up
- have the girls clothes laid out with no last minute changes
- have breakfast on the table and eat as a family
- have lunch in the crockpot/oven for when we get home
- not be frazzled and on the verge of snapping when we pull in the church parking lot

Possible? Sure. Likely? Sadly I'm not seein' it anytime soon.

SO... what are your Sunday mornings like? Have any helpful hints that have worked for you?

Apart from all of us sleeping in our Sunday clothes... I'm willing to try almost anything!

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  1. Forget the nice Sunday dinners for us. It's either PB&J courtesy of Matt or eggs and toast. Then straight to bed for naps for all. And WE LOVE IT!