Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tiddy Tats

Yesterday was, once again, just too beautiful to stay inside!

Sooo, the girls and I meandered to the verandah after lunch!

Much to the girls delight, there was a neighbor cat sun bathing on the verandah at the exact same moment! He, of course, made a quick exit once he got wind that there would be kids running around, interfering with his nap!

But Alia was persistent to get him back... "Tiddy tat. Tiddy tat. Where ARE YOU tiddy tat?"

And sure enough... the kitty cat came back. (See that little ear poking up?)

But only for a minute or two.

He was playing hard to get.

So Alia waited...

and called...

and soon he was back for more.

*Intermission - this is a "see I'm here... just usually behind the camera!" moment*

Well Larren has never really experienced kitty cats before... and boy oh boy, was she ever smitten!!!

She liked the kitty cat a little too much and came close to getting scratched a time or two!

She just couldn't figure out why the kitty wouldn't want to be her forever and ever bestest of best friends.

Whenever the kitty cat had enough, Larren just searched and searched until she found the poor thing again!

After a bit of "hide and seek", the play box was calling... so off we went to answer it's call.

Larren has never been in the play box before, so this was quite a day of new things for her!

Of course, big sister watched closely for any stray pebbles that might find their way to Larren's mouth, just hoping to see some action... so the "alarm" could be sounded!!

And surprisingly... Larren did quite well!

UNTIL... THIS little discovery.

This discovery was made at the exact same moment Alia came rushing back with the news of finding not ONE ... but TWO tiddy tats, Mommy!!!

Needless to say, our little sunny afternoon went downhill in a quick hurry.

But not before Larren was able to touch and feel some of the new find.

I was absolutely disgusted ... but had to recover quickly, due to the very realness of the situation.

(Just for the record - I didn't realize she had any of the "discovery" ON HER as I clicked away. It was only after, as I was looking back at pictures, that I saw the evidence!!!!)

After much, much, much washing... and a couple gagging moments... Larren was as good as new and off to take a needed nap.

Her sister, on the other hand, did not handle the discovery in the play box quite as well.

She just absolutely could not understand why the kitty didn't go in the potty!!

Despite the tears,the poop, and the naughty kitties... I just had to laugh when we took off Alia's jacket to find THIS shirt...

... it just fit into the day TOO WELL!

** Note from editor **
After MUCH research we made the decision to go with a "play box" (filled with pea gravel) versus the ever classic "sand box" to keep the neighborhood feline traffic OUT of our play zone. For 1 1/2 years we have been successful. BUT... as of today we are well aware that pea gravel DOES NOT detour cats. So the next step will be... a "play box lid" and a .22 if need be.

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  1. Renee you're a great blogger! I just had to laugh out loud... several times at all your adventures with your kids! Good for you! Miss you lots!