Monday, November 22, 2010

New Toppers

My friend, Melissa, in British Columbia (Brian and Melissa under "Blogs I Peek At" on the right side of the screen) crocheted the girls two absolutely adorable new hats!!

Check em out...

Why am I just showing the hats and not the models, you ask? Well... apparently the models were on strike today. They were complaining about low wages and not enough macaroni and cheese or something!

SEE! Model #1 has even taken to eating butter...

The poor thing... you can see that life is rough, eh!?

And Model #2 got a bad case of the giggles... it happens to ALL the professionals, ya know!

Attempt #2 on model #1 was even worse than attempt #1. (... it's complicated!)

THUS, the picture of the hats alone!

It's back to the negotiating runway for us!

**Thanks again Melissa!**

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