Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little Monkey and A Little Chef

Every Halloween our church has an annual fall festival called Halapalooza, and as our kids grow up, it just keeps getting better and better!

This year we took one little monkey and one little chef with us!

The chef was pretty excited about her costume!

The main components of her attire were the checkered drawstring apron and white little chef's hat... but the mustache sealed the deal!

And the little wooden spoons were extra credit!

I made her costume on Friday thinking it would only take a couple hours or so. The apron was a walk in the park... but the chef's hat, on the other hand... took more time than I bargained for! And it still wouldn't meet Martha Stuart's expectations... but it did the job!

Our little monkey wasn't as thrilled about her get up!

She was a good sport, none the less, and kept her "monkey sounds" to a minimum!

Halapalooza consists of candy, different game stations, candy, a Veggie Tales movie on the big screen, popcorn, and candy!

Our first stop... Hula Hoop Land.

**All names have been changed and are in NO WAY affiliated with the official Halapalooza terms... for the simple reason that the author of this blog can not remember them!**

Name of the game - bounce on this bouncy ball thing, landing only in the hoops, hop through the vertical hoop, and hurry home in the same fashion.

Alia decided that running was the best option.
Uh oh... we dropped a spoon...

Stop the watch... we have a winner!

Next... Guessing Game in a Jar
Name of the game - guess how much candy is in each jar.
Every single one of Alia's guesses were either 2 or 3. Needless to say, our chances were slim!

Larren tried her hand at it as well, but sadly enough... our guessing abilities could use some improvement!

Next... Put Put for Pixie Sticks

And... Doughnuts on a Stick

Moving on to... Lollipop Kid
Now this one is pretty simple... pick a lollipop and if the stick has either a black or red dot then you get the sucker PLUS an extra treat.

Alia walked away with just the sucker... but our little monkey walked away with not only a sucker, but a BIG Kit Kat bar for Mommy!!!

And of course we had to stop and make a goody bag... which was such a wonderful idea!

Rounding the bend... we come to the Give It All You've Got station

We didn't quite make it into the bucket... but were treated with candy none the less!

And of course, we had to make our way to the ladies room to officially check out our attire!!! (She approved!)

On our way to Plop a Penny
Hit the target in the middle and you're in for a HUGE sugar rush!

Close but no mega chocolate bars on this one!

Heading on over to Close Your Eyes and Trust Us
Now Alia didn't really get the whole closing her eyes and reaching in the bag concept.... so she just looked in and said what was in the brown bags. Easy peasy pie!

Larren wasn't really into the games... but the balloons were a definite attraction!

Stopping off for a photo shoot.

Little monkey... is that you?!

YUP, there she is!

Making our way to Frisbee Wave

More candy... and a "job well done" pat from daddy!

A little pit stop for ice cream is in order after such hard work!

Then on to Bubble Me Up... which just so happened to be my favorite station!

Just chillin' with her hands in her apron... in a bubble... no big deal!

Being that it was a Sunday, and being that I wanted an afternoon nap, and being that Jon had the grand idea of going out for supper instead of me cooking :), and being that we were a little rushed... I didn't get pics of the kiddos in costume before hand.

SO... here's what we ended up with!!

- one classic picking-the-nose-and-deer-in-headlights shot

- one whoops-we-got-daddy's-arm-in-the-picture shot

- one "Oh my lovely spoon" shot

- one "Look kids..." shot

- one "Ya don't say..." shot

- and one daddy-must-have-been-trying-to-intervene-so-Mommy-would-be-happy-and-not-make-us-sit-here-forever shot

Despite our lack of professional quality pictures... we still had a great time!

AND, I was able to document "the stache"... which makes me smile, INDEED!

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