Monday, November 22, 2010

Tree Skirt Seamstress

Up to this point my tree skirt has consisted of satin that is kind of "tossed" around the tree trunk. Does it work? Absolutely! Does it stay in place when two girls are constantly crowding around the tree to gaze at the lights and ornaments? Not a chance!

Since we're actually going to be around for the holidays this year Alia and I set out to remedy the problem! We found some fabric that was both cheap and pretty... and made "a skirt for the tree to wear!" (Alia still thinks that is just the funniest thing...that the tree is wearing a skirt!)

The intentional hole in the middle just bothered her to no end! She kept trying to put the "napkin" back in!

I still have to pleat the tree trunk hole a little... because huh hmmm I might of made it too big! But... I think it will do the job.

Task accomplished!

Next task... convince Alia and Larren it's not a blanket!

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