Friday, November 5, 2010

College Smollege

These are what our evenings have been like over the past 2 months.

Jon on his laptop and me on mine!

He's in the midst of attaining his teaching degree and doubled up his course load this semester, in hopes of getting more classes out of the way sooner. It's a wonderful idea... but WAY more than we bargained for!

Goodness... college sure is a time sucker. And dare I say time waster, on occasion!

BUT he's nearing the end... for this semester, anyhow! As I type this he is writing his final paper for one class, and will be finishing up his final project on the other class this weekend.

I feel like I've hardly seen my husband since these courses began and I simply CAN NOT WAIT to have him back!

I might be a little spoiled by how much time I am able to spend with Jonathan... I know... but I much prefer it that way than the other!

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