Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Trac - Motherhood

There are days when I simply don`t take time to read God`s Word. I don`t. It comes down to the fact that I  think something else is more important and I miss what He has for me. The life giving, stress taking, breath of fresh air that He offers me.

BUT... there are also mornings that I run to the radio right before 9 o`clock... in the midst of crusty oatmeal faces, breakfast dishes, and empty milk cups... to simply sit at Jesus feet. I may not be reading my Bible in the quiet of the morning, but listening to LifeTrac with Chuck Swindoll, for only a couple minutes, is one of the highlights of my day! Every single time I hear him speak... I SOAK it in. Every single time I get the privilege of hearing his challenge for the day... I am taken aback and reminded of what is important. I always end up feeling a little lighter, a little closer to my Daddy, and a little more encouraged that everything`s going to be okay.

I have SO MANY I want to share with you... but today is for you lovely women.

You might have grown kids, little kids, or no kids... listen to this anyhow! We all need this bit of truth!

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  1. Thanks SO much for highlighting and linking to LifeTrac! We're so glad you enjoy the broadcast and are sharing it with others. Means a lot!

    Robyn Roste
    Insight for Living Canada