Friday, June 17, 2011

Park Play Mate

Yesterday I promised Alia we would go to the park, since it was such a nice day... but my mid-afternoon the timing simply still wasn't working out. Which means we had one sad little pumpkin pie. So... I e-mailed Jon and asked how a park date sounded after supper? He was all in, and Alia was all smiles as I made a big hurrah about DADDY going with us when he got home!

What can I say? Daddy always makes a park run better!

Maybe it's his carefree nature, or the extra set of (way more fun than Mommy's) hands, or because the girls are thrilled with every minute they spend with him, or because he lets them go on item after item after item... no matter how many times they ask!

Whatever it is... Daddy makes everything more fun!

Alia's always a tad bit more adventurous when Daddy is close by! :)

While Alia and Daddy climb the highest mountain, Mommy and Larren play it safe on the kiddie slide!

The new found rocket ship sure became a hit!

Monkey see...

monkey do.

But again... when Daddy's close by, there's no fear! He's not telling them to be careful every 5 minutes like someone else they know!

And he was more than willing to check out the new splash park at the first ohh and ahh that escaped the girls mouths!

We had to smile at Larren's hand positioning. She was right... no matter how much we tried to help her get a better grip!

Though now that I've brought it up... she seems to be a tad bit shy about it....

so just smile and keep the pushes coming if you happen to be the next chosen park play mate!

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