Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Smokin' Weed(s)

Ya'll may remember that last summer we brought in a whopping 25 loads of dirt for our yard. Actually, we were GIVEN (for FREE!) an estimated 25 loads of dirt for our yard! We were super excited but unfortunately for our neighbors, we didn't have time to smooth it out before we left for our summer trip to Ohio. We returned to weed hills and lots of "Oh GOOD, you're back!" when we cruised the streets of our little community!

We have since leveled, smoothed, and smoothed some more with hopes of planting last fall, but due to this, that, and the other (insert : college classes!!)... it just never happened. So, two weeks ago was the LONG awaited planting day. With summer rounding the bend I had visions of luscious green grass running through my head... and the black pebbly soil that shook me to reality just wasn't cutting it! (HA!) Though that being said... our mowing time has been cut down drastically, so it hasn't been all bad!

We were trying to beat the rain (which came in FULL force later that night, and the next day, and the next!) and as soon as Alia heard the "R" word she ran in the house to get her umbrella quicker than a Manitoba minute!

She was quite the little hard worker!

Besides keeping Daddy company and counting the seeds as they fell, she made sure no dirt was left out of the planting party!

And of course there's always the ever needed supervising role! :)

Both girls proved to have great work ethic as they picked up rock after rock and placed them in the bucket. We're thankful the soil was free... but it ain't no potato soil, I can tell ya that! Let's just say it tends to be "bumpy"... and that I've picked up more rocks in the last couple weeks than I have in a lifetime!

The girls hard work was rewarded with a family four wheeler ride as we harrowed in the grass and a good long bubble bath to remove the layer upon layers of dirt!

All in all it felt GREAT to finally get our "crop" planted... but ya wanna know the part that I find a tad comical?

That night we had two things on the go - in one part of the yard we're planting grass... and in one part of the yard we're burning it!

It's all part of the cycle I guess!

It has been so rewarding seeing those little tiny green shoots come out of the ground! I know we're nothing close to REAL farmers... but I can only imagine what a joy it is to see their labor come to fruition as their hard work pops out of the ground!

I hope to show you pictures of a big 'ole yard full of GREEN  grass soon! :)

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