Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quite the A+ Student

For the last couple of years Jon has been taking University classes to complete his teaching certificate. The first few classes weren't much to get worked up about... but as he's gone further, the intensity (and time commitment!) of the class increases! He's completed 10 out of 13... and will hopefully be wrapping up two more this summer.

ANYHOW... this last class involved driving to the city (a little over 3 hours round trip) every week plus homework time.

His final assignment counted for half of his grade, so Jon spent a few evenings reading and preparing his project for presentation. The project was to be presented to the professor one on one... so there was little room for error!

WELL... I wanted to see how things were going (and head to bed!) so I waltzed into the kitchen to take a peek over his shoulder. Before I could stop myself I blurted out... "That looks like crap!"

I know... I know... loving wife award, right here! But no, really.... do you see any resemblance to the word, or is it just me?!?!

Jon was a bit taken a back and I quickly explained that the placement of "C-R-A-R" looked VERY similar to another word, referring to something less pleasant, in our English vocabulary! After seeing my point, he had a good laugh and went about completing his assignment!

WELL... on the day of his presentation I was able to head into the city with him (THANKS again Sharon for watching the girls!) and when I picked him up from the campus he shared that his professor also thought his assignment looked like crap!

As Jon shared his information, the professor interrupted with a random smile and a "Hey! That looks like crap!" Because of his loving wife :) my husband didn't miss a beat! The professor must have been somewhat impressed because a 50/50 was offered! Jon said "Sounds great!" and after a hand shake was out the door without a look back! 

Honestly... I think it's Jon's "studious looks" and his choice of pink, magenta, purple, and green paper that won the prof over! :)

Jon may hate University with a passion... but thus far he has done AMAZING in his course work! Way to go, love, and thanks... again... for all your hard work!

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