Thursday, June 23, 2011

Senior Pics... Relived...

... 9 years later!

My best friend, Jen, recently got a new DSLR camera... and since our annual buddy buddy birthday celebration was coming up... it seemed like a great time to get out there (sans kids!) and teach her what little I know, and learn a few things myself! We started out with some Chinese food... then made our way to town for a little photo shoot between the two of us!

It ended up "raining on our parade"... but we made the best of it, and had a HOOT! Lots of laughing, lots of silly faces and poses, and lots of camera adjusting, re-adjusting, and adjusting some more!

We came back to our place for some yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie and ice cream... then laughed a bit more as we looked through the results! Here are a small sampling...

First up... me. Huh huh hum... just a little reminder, before we start, that I like being BEHIND the camera... BEHIND the camera folks!! :) Being in front of the camera has become harder and harder as each passing year goes by, so this is an attempt to break out of my mold and remind myself to "smile with my eyes, smile with my eyes!"

So, without further ado...

I've never had a picture of me behind the camera before (minus the pic I took of myself in the mirror the day before I went into labor with Larren!!) and I think these are quite fun! :)

Momma and the littlest Kreiser ... who is steadily growing right along... as is evident in this pic!

And this one too...

My crazy double jointed arms... that kept me from making cheerleading try outs in the 4th grade. The judge panel people kept asking me why I couldn't keep my arms straight, and I was shocked to find out that I wasn't. So... there ya have it, I'll try harder to keep my arms normal next time!

Thanks again for taking these Jen! Next photo shoot I'll practice my smiling a bit more and whip out my "model poses" instead of my "hunter" ones!! :)

And moving right along to the lovely Miss. J.

Ahhh... feels MUCH better to be in my "comfy spot" again... BEHIND the lens! It's those dark eye circles, I tell ya... every picture I see of myself is a harsh, harsh reminder!


The classic "me taking her pic as she was taking mine"...

Did I mention it was raining? Yeah... there was a light drizzle goin' on!

Which is evident here both in the marks on Jen's shirt... and the drops in the background. Seemed like an okay thing at the time... but I am now paying for it with a cold, sore throat, and ear ache as a reminder!!

 I learned that I need to "broaden my style", that taking pics of my kids simple isn't challenging me enough, and that I have TONS more to learn! 

All in all though... a fun (and memorable!) evening indeed!


  1. Thank you again for the fun, fun evening, all the little tips and tricks your shared, and most of all, your friendship! I appreciate you and all that you bring to the table (food and otherwise!). This is a MUST to repeat soon!

  2. Oh my you girls are so beautiful! Inside and out! You both did a wonderful job!!! Love you both!

  3. What a beautiful little growing belly!