Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Fun Little Ride Around...

... is officially ready to sell, according to the master mechanic in our neck of the woods!

Last night we took the four wheeler for a cruise through the "swamp", along a tractor trail behind our place, through some ditches, and to a nearby gravel pit for as much hill climbing and puddle splashing as we could manage with a 27, 26, 3 and 1 year old piled on!

We've had lots of fun rides... and again, I don't wanna be the one breaking the "deportation" news to the little ones! My first thought, upon hearing the "announcement"... is that I hope Jon brings the new one home in record time! I think we've all gotten kinda used to putsing around after supper... otherwise, we might actually have to go back to WALKING around our little town. :)

*Know that I'm kidding... I don't want the exercise freaks to FREAK out! A little (or a lot!!) of walking wouldn't hurt any of us none!*

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