Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spring-Summer Sun

I was surprised when my calendar informed me that summer doesn't officially start until next Tuesday. With that surprise also came an instant wave of hope! Maybe, just maybe, Manitoba will get it's crazy weather patterns figured out and this sun again / rain again thing will leave it's system! We are still in Spring, so maybe Summer will bring consistent warmth and day after day at the beach/splash park! We can sure hope!

On those random days that we have been blessed with sunshine, we've been outside as much as we can stand it! (Though I should add we're still sporting the "pasty white" look... I'm "crossing my fingers" for an actual tan one of these years!!)

And if you've noticed a little trend here on the ole' bloggity blog, you know that snack time is one of our favorite indoor meets outdoor events!

Ummm... do you have a licence for that thing?!?

If you look in one lens of Alia's sunglasses you will see what the lovely humidity does to Mommy's crazy hair... and if you look in the other you will see little sister being a good warm weather girl and staying well hydrated! :) 

I know you guys are starting to wonder... but I assure you, we do more than snack all day long! It's just that snack time brings both girls together, content, in one spot, sitting still and the urge to escape my lens with every fiber of their body is mild for the moment.... so it's an easy photo op for me! That being said, I'll do my best to document the parts of the day that we're actually up and moving the ole' muscles!

I hope you are able to soak up some rays and sport the shorts in whatever corner of the country you may be in! As for us... well, we're glad that every thing matches white cause our summer shade won't be darkening anytime in the near future. Rain, rain, and more rain for the weekend! :)

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