Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Park Outing

Sunday was GOR-OR-GEOUS! So as soon as the girls woke up from their naps, we were out the door and on our way to a near by park!

Jon had taken the girls to this exact park last week (to give me some rest!) and Alia couldn't WAIT to show me the "giant, giant, GIANT" slide! Thankfully Daddy knows this place well... and knew of a shortcut (which doubled as a workout!) to get us to the monumental slide faster!

Here we are... at last!

This park has SO MANY different play areas, all quite a distance from each other! So it's awesome... if there happen to be people in one area, ya just scoot over to the next and play, play, play!

Poor Lars couldn't really tell if there were people around her though... her hat happened to be on the "tad too big" side! :)

But believe you me, it didn't slow her down a bit!

We're excited to be getting a new park in our little community, and since Jon is the head of the committee, he was taking notes. He was quite impressed with the use of old drainage tile!!! :) A "caterpillar" for the kids to crawl through/walk on, of course! What can I say... we're known for being thrifty in this area of the Province!

We mosied on over to a bigger slide (one that Alia hadn't seen before), but she was a little cautious this time around. Daddy had to go down with her for the first run!

But not Larren! She couldn't SEE how big it was so she just cruised on down! :)

The second her feet hit the ground, she's running to the stairs for another go... it's a wonder she didn't totally wipe out!!

Getting braver the second time around...

Ahh... thanks to big sister, "I can see the light!"

The mosquitoes were pretty nasty, so we called our game short... and headed for home. Here's Daddy, the work horse, in action!

Love Sundays. Love summer. Love family time. Hate mosquitoes.

The end!

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  1. That band-aid on Alia's elbow shot is just too sweet. Great perspective!