Friday, June 17, 2011

The Pic Pickle

So remember when I asked ya'll THIS question? I wanted your imput on the pictures being bigger, and if that was actually better? Well, no one really mentioned any pros or cons (a reminder that I'm really just writing this ole' blog for moi and ma grand-mère!!) so I kept going with plan B. 

But after a month or so of plan B, I've noticed a glitch. 

Let's let my lovely 3 year old model assist us in demonstrating this glitch, shall we?!

** Experimental note**
These pics are all straight out of the camera without a lick of editing... which, of course, ya'll know is my lazy habit!

Photo 1 - Plan A
 .... mmm, nothing like picking blue corn chips out of your teeth and having Mommy document it!! 

Photo 1 - Plan B

Photo 2 - Plan A

Photo 2 - Plan B

Photo 3 - Plan A
 ... blue corn chips for all the world to see, thanks Mom! 

Photo 3 - Plan B

and finally, last but not least (just to drive the point home for me and Gramma!!)...

Photo 4 - Plan A
 ... this was her "happy face", as she liked to call it. Maybe she's trying to tell me something, eh?! 

Photo 4 - Plan B

So... all that to say what?!?

Plan A it is! And now I wanna go back and change every picture ever uploaded for like the last month. If my fairy blog mother would like to step in and do that for me, that would be much appreciated!

Experiment officially over.

Thank you, and we will now resume with your regular scheduled program!


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  1. Hey Renee! I feel like you should know I know of at LEAST 5 people who follow this blog, and that's only in an area of ten square miles here in Ohio, so multiply that by the total area of Ohio and that's prolly over a million people! JUST in Ohio! ;-) But yeah, Plan A photos appear a LOT more crisp! Ang and I seriously LOVE the blog too! It's obvious you've been given a gift of creativity and organization, something I'm quite lacking in, So Once again, thanks! And for real, you're live traffic feed o the right shows that this blog is getting viewed every 10 minutes, maybe I could get an autograph when you come down this August? ;-)
    -Your favorite youngEST bro-