Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Boy

Today, is my handsome hubby's 27th birthday...

... but our celebrations happened a day early this time around! 

Jon had plans to get his restricted gun licence (it's kinda like concealed carrier in the States, but not... cause Canada is a PEACE LOVING country and will allow no such thing!) today, then tonight he and some friends from Jer and Joe's church are out shooting skeet and eating meat until their hearts content! 

All in all... a very fitting evening for the birthday boy!

SO... last night our little family did our best to let Daddy know how much we loved him!

We made him his favorite supper - farmers sausage, perogies, grilled red peppers, and green beans. Though, I gotta be honest, cause the pictures don't lie...

I asked HIM to grill on his BIG DAY.

(The carabiner on the back of Larren's shirt is compliments of big sister... apparently it's how we roll these days!)

I know, I know... I still feel bad... but at the rate supper was going I would have been standing at that grill all night!! So Jonathan happily obliged with kiddos in tow!

Alia just HAD to put balloons somewhere, so we decorated Jon's chair with his favorite colors and a little medical tape for added flair!

After supper the girls took Daddy on a treasure hunt for his birthday gift.

Upstairs they went... with lots of "Nope, not here(s)" and then I finally heard Alia say, "Let's just go look in the bath tub." The novelty of the hunt must have been wearing off! :)

GASP! Low and behold, it was there!

Since I'm too cheap to wrap such a big gift in nice wrapping paper, when I know Jon won't care... we were left with only ONE gift bag (large enough) in our stash. A pretty ole' flowery one! :)

And as you can imagine, the girls were ever so curious as to see what Daddy was getting! I knew Alia would try her hardest... but still wasn't convinced she could keep a secret, so the only tip off I gave her was "a tool!" 

And because Daddy is so smart, he knew what "tool" it was even before he opened the case!

Though I think he was quite surprised! A Snap On cordless impact has been on his Christmas list for several, several years! 

The chitlins are never too young to get a proper lesson on how to use such fang findangled things!

Alia was impressed with the power. a.k.a. How loud and fast she could make it spin when she pushed the button!

And if big sister gets to play with it, than little sister will be by her side faster than you can say little Miss. Mechanic!

After another mini lesson for the little one, she was ready for a turn...

We couldn't get a clear reading as to Larren's evaluation of the power...

... she was just in pure shock that the thing could actually talk!! :)

After our little tool school, we zipped to town to OFFICIALLY register Jon's old '47 Chevy as his daily driver (a long awaited day for him!) and went to our favorite hang out spot for ice cream!

Once again, I'm so blessed that I get to "do life" with this amazing man... and am wishing him another year of soul deep smiles, fresh revelation, new experiences, safety (I'm a mom... it's ever on my mind now!), and blessings as he blesses others.

Happy Birthday, my love!

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