Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ice Cream Social

The other day it was warm enough that the girls and I could enjoy snack time on the verandah. And since we we don't have ice cream very often, I thought it would be a treat to whip out the vanilla, chocolate sauce, and colored sprinkles! :)

Larren didn't waste any time... if something is this good, than surely Mom won't let me keep it for long! :)

And if she happened to slow down, or get tired... big sister was there to help keep the feeding system in motion!!

For which Larren was very thankful!

There were some casualties... but it's to be expected!

Next we are planning on making HEALTHY : ) fruit popsicles! I have no doubts they'll make the top 10 snack chart as well!

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  1. Looking at these pictures makes me so very very excited to see all of you in August. I simply CANNOT wait!!!! You have such a gift for capturing the girls in pictures, Renee. I so apprecaite you sharing your time and gift with all of us. It makes the 20+ hours between everyone seem not quite so far away!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!