Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Summer Hoo-Rah!

So my best friend and I decided to load up the chillin's and head to another friend's house about 1 1/2 hours away. We stopped by Tim Horton's for a massive box of Tim Bit's (for added measure) and were on the road! The trip there was pretty uneventful with 2 of the 3 chillin's dozing off, as per our plan!

We enjoyed some great conversation, a grand feast of a lunch, and then headed off to the splash park in town to cool off a bit. My oh my.... was it ever FUN! Our small town is getting a splash park this spring and I had my doubts... but after spending an hour or so at this one - I'm practically counting down the days!!!

The trip home had maybe 3 minutes of peace and quiet with my little darling doing most of the screaming (not my fondest moment of her!), but since we are crazy, and in desperate need of adult conversation, we'll probably load up the chillin's in a few months for another trip! Don't worry... we've smartened up a little and next time we'll save enough Tim Bits for the ride home... a few doughnuts will keep anybody quiet!

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