Thursday, October 15, 2009

You're Never Too Young for a Good Snow Mobile Ride!

With a fresh blanket of snow, comes a husband who loves to make tracks in it... he just can't resist! So needless to say our yard shows the evidence of a snow mobile lover... and with 5 snow mobiles it probably will for the rest of the winter! Jon was just itching to give Alia her FIRST ride!!
All bundled up and ready to go...

Wondering what in the world she's gotten herself into!

A before picture - it was a wee *cough* *cough* bit *cough* smoky... old gas apparently!

One successful ride under her belt and lots more to come. If she takes a liking to the snow mobile as much as she has to the lawn mower, "Ya better get ready Daddy!"

1 comment:

  1. Since you've got 5! snowmobiles, now we know where to go to go for a ride when we're home sometime! Have to have a snowmobile date. Now you need a sled to pull behind it that is enclosed to take the kiddies along.