Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Annual Kreiser Harvest/Fall/We're Thankful party!!

That's right... we decided to start a new tradition at our place! We hosted the first annual harvest/fall/we're thankful party! We wanted to give God the glory for all He's done for us, celebrate with our closest friends, and have one last outdoor shin dig before winter comes.
Overall it went pretty good! I could have been more prepared when people showed up (I was convinced to go on a quick galavant to our town like 45 min. before the party started... next year I won't be so easily convinced!) but now I know, eh?!

Our menu consisted of chili, cornbread, buns, pickles, chips, carrot sticks, jalepeno bites, ham sandwiches (for the kiddos), brownies for dessert, and marshmallows for the bonfire. Next year I won't be making so much chili (we had over 2 gallons left!) but Jon has been as happy as can be with chili every meal, so if he's happy... I'm happy!

We just set up some tables in the garage and I kept decorations to a minimum... so it was nice and simple!

Jon was in charge of setting up the pumpkin obstacle course and he totally out did himself! It was SO fun! (Sorry the pictures are pretty bad... between a not so great camera and it getting really dark, really fast.. they are a little hard to see!)

The course had 4 obstacles with various points at each post. The goal was to accumulate the highest score per couple to be the champions of the evening!
Obstacle 1 - Try to toss mini pumpkins into various compartments in a ladder on the ground. 3 points for the middle 2 compartments, 2 points for the rear 3 compartments, and 1 point for the first 3 compartments.

Obstacle 2 - Try to roll a pumpkin up the plank and make it land on the crate. 3 points for landing it on the crate, 1 point if it went in the crate following the platform, 5 points if you took out the "Santa, please stop here!" sign.

Obstacle 3 - Pumpkin curling. 3 points for landing in the center, 2 points for landing on the next row of shingles, and 1 point for landing between the 2nd and 3rd row of shingles.

Obstacle 4 - Try to roll the pumpkin up the ramp, hit the tire, and make it stop on the "Road Closed" sign. 3 points for landing on the sign. 1 point if the pumpkin was touching the sign.

And then... to weed out the weak from the strong.... bobbing for apples, baby!!
I have to say, it was hilarious!! Here is one of the littlest competitors of the evening...
And here's Jon... giving it all he's got!

Alia was quite disturbed at the sight of apples being treated this way, but once we sat her down, and gave her her own apple... she was calmed enough to enjoy the evening!

The grand champions for the evening were Zach and Jen... so we'll see if they can defend their reign at next year's games!

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