Thursday, October 15, 2009

Break Out the Sleigh

It's the time of year again... the white stuff has fallen and we're livin' in a winter wonderland. Since Alia had her "new" snowsuit to debut I decided to take her for a sleigh ride. By the time she woke up from her nap the streets had become a wee bit muddy, but we bravely pressed on!
And we're off...

She's absolutely lovin' it... and I'm trying to avoid slipping in my really slippery winter boots (I'm on the hunt for new ones, don't worry!) and to avoid pot holes filled to the brink with muddy grossness! I'll admit, it wasn't quite the sleigh ride I envisioned in my head!

She was always trying to touch the snow over the side!

Mmmm, snow...

So... even though it wasn't quite what I had planned, we still had a great time! We stopped by to see the horses (which were gorgeous in the fresh snow!), got a good dose of cool crisp air, and laughed a lot together! Simply put... I would walk through lots more mud puddles just to see Alia's sweet smiles of delight!

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