Monday, March 2, 2009

Escape Artist

Oh this girl… she’s a clever one! I figured, ya know what… it’s time she has some good ole’ play-by-herself time. Mind you, we don’t have a baby gate- I have never wanted one, still don’t and will try to avoid it at all costs. That being said… I think I might need to reconsider. Anyhow, I made a “gate” in the living room with her exersaucer and her bouncy chair. Kinda lame, I know… but they were the closest usuable items. Well low and behold… this smarty pants figured out that if she crawled in between the legs of the exersaucer she was home free. So, she outsmarted me… even after three adaptations!!
All day it’s been her discovering new cupboards, and “no, no” items! I thought the living room was safe… think again. She found the games/DVD cupboard. I peeked into the L.R. expecting to find a little angel playing quietly with her toys… instead I found her sorting through card games. And she was going straight to Daddy’s Dukes of Hazzard DVD’s next. He wouldn’t have been impressed! So… now we’re learning that the entertainment center is off limits!
As I write this she is upstairs “napping”. I hear her talking away and having a grand time. She has discovered she can stand up in her crib. Yes, it’s a quite cute, but what a pain! For the last 20 minutes (the whole time she would normally be napping) she stands up, I check on her, lay her back down, then she stands up, and I check on her… and the cycle continues. So I moved her to her Pac N Play (with higher sides… the crib needs to be lowered TONIGHT!) and am just letting her go!
She’s a mover and shaker I tell ya. So… I’m on my toes! And yes… it’s more work… but it’s fun!


  1. Looks like she's having a blast at it!

  2. She is PRECIOUS!!!

  3. Just to warn you :) There was an episode of Funniest Home Videos on, and the parents suspected some sort of escape going on during their little one's naptime. Sure enough, they set up a video and the little booger climbed right out of his crib! He managed to toss out his favorite blankey first so he wouldn't have to climb back in for it too! ;)