Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fashion Show

Clothes wise it has always been a bit annoying that Alia is small for her age. There are benefits in other areas... but it's frustrating to buy clothes for a certain season, just to have them be too big! For instance, I just bought a bunch of spring/summer clothes from Kohls (they had a FANTASTIC sale!), only to find that none of them will fit Alia for our Florida trip. As I was making room in her closet, I found quite a few summer 3-6 month outfits that we had been given. I thought I would be saving them for the next babe, but low and behold, they fit!! So this morning we had a fashion show of her new vacation wardrobe! She was actually a pretty good sport about the whole thing... she got her "dream" of running around in a diaper for awhile and I got to "oohh and ahhh" about how cute she is!
Ali also discovered a few of her birthday presents in the closet! I don't think she'll care, nor remember, in a few months when she unwraps them... but it was fun to see her playing with them in the boxes! In the midst of clothing all over the floor she also managed to find a dead fly, then proceeded to taste it. I almost got sick! We got it all out of her mouth, I think, and I made her drink lots of water... oh it was gross! How can these little tikes find everything they aren't supposed to?!?
This afternoon I tried on several summer dresses for our trip. Yeah... it wasn't quite as fun as the morning modeling session. I don't take after my daughter in the smallness department, and was quite disappointed to find that my favorite, favorite, favorite black dress will no longer zip up completely. *sigh* What's a girl to do?

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