Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picky, Picky...

So... I think we might have a picky eater on our hands. I've said that a picky eater will go mighty hungry at our home and I'm sure my parents are just busting a gut about now! Ya see... I have a small reputation in our family as being a tad picky, and a bit stubborn as a child, but I've long since grown out of it!!!! The story goes (and okay, fine...I do have a few memories that I try to forget!) that I would sit hours upon hours just to avoid eating the meat on my plate. I still remember sitting under this bright "interigation" lamp in the kitchen watching the rest of my family enjoy their evening, while I sat yawning until bedtime! Anyhow...
Up to this point Alia has been such a great eater. I've actually been surprised how easy it's been for her to try new tastes! But, with a new day comes new challenges! If Ali could just eat Cheerio's, bananas, and cheese she would be a happy girl. It's everything else that she turns up her little nose at and gives you this "You want me to eat what" look.
Last night Jon tried to get just one piece of broccoli in her mouth. Alia twisted and turned, flailed her little arms, shook her head back and forth at 20 mph, spit repeatedly, and grumbled loudly in protest. Finally Jon got the broccoli in, leaned back in triumph... and Alia spit it out. She's smart ya know. She figured she would at least humor Daddy, but she has to get the last word in!
So, I too will blame this new phase on teething and hope that it will pass. Until then... each meal time is a new drama to be enjoyed!

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  1. No matter what the problem, I think we have full clearance to blame it on teething until at least the age of 11. After that it's hormones. After that they'll have children of their own and we can just laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh what good grandparents we'll be!