Thursday, September 30, 2010

If There's Something Broken At Our House

then Alia's classic line is "Daddy Whil Fwix It When Ne Dets Ome"... while nodding her head up and down, reassuringly! Doesn't matter what it is. Daddy will fix it... no question in her mind!

Well, her camera was jammed the other day and this time I wanted to show her that Mommy can fix things now and then, too!

See that credit card that somehow made it's way into the photo slot? That's a problem!

I got out my screwdriver and tried taking the camera apart, but the screwdriver was too short to reach all of the screws. (And I didn't feel like walking out to the garage to get one of the hundreds of screwdrivers that Jonathan owns... this is my own personal one that resides in my desk!!)

So out came my Leatherman (which also resides in my desk!) and we pried out the credit card in no time flat!

And life was happy once again in the Kreiser house.

Although, my one time fix hasn't made a lasting impact on Alia, for some reason. Daddy is still Mr. Fix It around here and I just don't think that will ever change!!

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