Monday, September 20, 2010

Crawling Queen

Larren is off and crawling, like it's nobody's business. She's ditched the reverse only method and is has mastered the art of motion. She's determined. She's focused. And she's quick... she has a big sister to keep up with, after all!

If there's something she wants... she gets it, much to Alia's dismay at times!

Look at her go...

She's like a little puppy who runs to the door to greet daddy when he gets home!

... or a sad little puppy when she doesn't get picked up, right away.

Look at that face... it makes me want to pout a little, too!

But she's come up with a new game plan... if at first she doesn't succeed, BANG on the dresser until someone comes to rescue her!

Yup... now she's really stuck!

This is not going quite as planned!

And this is the "MOM, stop taking pictures and please just get me out from under this crazy thing" look.

I'll be right back!

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