Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Help Me Decide? Please?!?!

Found a deal online for a free canvas (just pay s/h) and I can't decide which picture to blow up? Your opinion is very very welcome!

Option 1: Would hang in girls room... 11x 14 size or 16x20 size
Old Western Look

Black and White

Option 2: Would hang above our coat hooks in "entrance"... 11x14 size

Option 3: Would hang above our coat hooks in "entrance"... 11x14 size

Maybe none of them are quite what I'm looking for... I dunno! If you've "canvased" pics before... what is your deciding factor on a picture? What made you decide on THE ONE?

Take this picture for example... I like a number of things about it (straight out of the camera) but it's not "blow up worthy" to me.

Does a picture need to tell a story to be a focal point on the wall? Should it be of family or a "thing"? I'm not the greatest at making decisions... as you may have noticed!! So to you "more experienced ones"... I'm all ears, if you're willing to share!!

Here's the free canvas deal, by the way = http://gooddealmama.com/2010/09/16/free-8x10-photo-canvas-just-pay-shipping/


  1. Deciding factor is capturing a moment. I have one moment captured which is pregnancy, and then one that is technically correct, exposure, everything which is Sierra and I at a few days old. I think for a canvas it's important that it's not a random one, with features cut off because of focusing of the emotion of the picture you will see those "flaws" I love the united states flag one, if that's your parents house, not sure, that is a keeper memory, i also love the vintage one.

  2. I think the picture of the girls in western is my favorite! That is the one I would make into a canvas. For instance..when a photo is taken of people, sometimes it can look staged. This one says something to me.. looks real and who your girls are!

  3. i vote the two girls. great picture! color or b/w to me would be decided based on the wall color. or other room colors.

    i do love the one of jon throwing alia in the air! but i don't think it would translate well to a canvas...

    those are my few cents ; )

    keep shooting!