Thursday, September 9, 2010

Should a 2 Year Old Be Riding a Motorcycle?

That's a very good question... my gut reaction is absolutely positively NOT!

And when I saw this...

... I almost peed my pants. My husband thinks otherwise!

Alia totally trusts her Daddy, can ya tell?!?! She has no idea how horrible this could go... which is exactly what a mother thinks when she sees something like this!

Jon took Alia up and down the road (thankfully my parents have a very paved, very straight, very low traffic road) and after a few minutes I started to relax.

Until I saw this...

"Dook Mama... I stand UP!"

Seriously... if this is what it's like with girls... I really don't think I can handle boys.

** As a young girl I too enjoyed riding, jumping, and racing motorcycles. I had lots of fun, had my fair share of wrecks and wounds, and learned a number of things about speed, brakes, and the feel of the wind in my hair... so I come to a point in life, like a number of other mothers do, of deciding what is necessary protection and what is over protection. And let's just say that I'm really, really, REALLY glad my God hears and answers prayer! **

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