Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Yard... Or Lack There Of

Before we left for the summer we had at least 20-25 loads of dirt dropped off at our place... to be honest, we lost count after like load 15! We've been planning to have dirt hauled in for about a year or two, but it just never seemed to be a top priority! But I'm so glad we waited... we finally got the dirt delivered - FOR FREE!! (A complete blessing!)

While we were away our friend moved and leveled the dirt, and now it's our turn to take over the landscaping project! The "yard" is in need of a good harrowing and grass seed... but no sooner than the ground dries out, it rains again! Over and over and over again!

So... here's the current state of our yard

Back home they need rain, and here we just need it to stop...

Visions of luscious green grass are dancing in my head... but Old Man Winter might have another game plan! And his game plan usually has a way of winning... until spring anyhow!

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