Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Knew the Day Would Come...

We've been told, from the very beginning of this parenting journey, that time goes fast. We were warned. And we've tried to savor... but here it is. 

I just registered Alia for kindergarten.

And as I sat there, listening to the superintendent, and the principal, and the transportation coordinator, and the kindergarten teachers... I had a slight "Are we making the right decision?!" moment!

But then they explained what a typical day looks like, and showed a video of the kids in the classroom... and that smiley JOY started bubbling up!

She's going to love it!! She will thrive... no doubt in my mind!!

Yes, it's going to be hard for me. And yes, some days I'll simply want to hoard her at home and never let her leave... but this slowly letting go thing... is good. It's right. It's what Father has asked us to do! 

 I can't wait to hear about her day, and all the little friends she's going to meet, and the new things she's learning about, and watch her as she picks out her outfits for school.... my oldest is growing up and it is so. fun!

The other night she helped with supper prep by peeling all the potatoes, by herself!

Her artwork is improving and her creativity just blows me away!

And last night she washed ALL the supper dishes, without even so much as a hint from me! She simply started washing (even the big soup pot!) while I cleared the table and before we knew it, we had tag teamed our way to a clean kitchen!!

Then her and I went on a late night grocery store run followed by a french fry stop at Mickey D's. It wasn't a planned "date"... but simply doing life together with my growing up by the minute girl, was a big highlight of my day!

My parents have said it for years... and it's true... each phase just keeps getting better and better!

(But please remind me of that when the tears start flowing as I drop her off at school that first day!!)

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  1. Oh I love hearing your heart! Love, Love, Love it!
    It's ok! Go ahead and cry! You will many more times, but it as it should be too!