Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay... Now Where Were We?

New Year's Eve.... really?!? New Year's Eve?! Yes, I know... my recap has been a bit long and lengthy! Sorry 'bout that for those few of you that are still with me!! We'll be carrying on with our regular scheduled programming after this post, I promise!

My folks were here for New Year's Eve so we decided to head to the bowling alley earlier in the evening... and then had a last minute impromptu party at our house to ring in 2013, which of course I have no pictures of! :)

Bowling... my oh my, every time we go I wonder why we don't go more often!! I love it!! In my dreams I'm some kind of stellar bowler, but in reality my goal is to at least get a higher score than my 4 and 2 year olds! If I cared about scoring than I'd never step foot in a bowling alley again, but because it's so fun regardless... I just swallow my pride and admit, that yes... I am actually as bad as my score might suggest!

Gramma & Grampa with the littlest string bean!

This was Alia's first bowling experience where she was old enough to do it all on her own...

... which was quite sobering for this here mama!

(While she was busy picking out her ball... I was busy praying for no pinched fingers!)

She would just walk up to the lane like she owned the place...

... line up the ball rack thingy, give the ball a shove...

... and then waltz back to join the rest of us! A treat to watch indeed!

Her sister was more interested in climbing on the ball rack thing a mi jig than actually bowling... but it made for fun entertainment too!

Caidrie just took a seat with whoever she was passed off to... as long as she had cuddles she didn't mind!

The girls were "champion bowlers" until the nachos and slurpees came out...

... then their focus changed pretty quick!

My bowling career will NOT be taking off anytime soon, and I still think I should devote a day of my life to actually mastering how to throw the ball STRAIGHT down the lane... but I'll share my top "tip" from our night of bowling...

 Always, ALWAYS bowl on the same lane as the kids... because the bumpers are for "them" after all, no one will suspect a thing!

A really fun evening, for sure!

And yes... for the record my score WAS higher than the children's. Not by much, but I'll take it! (And I'll be taking lessons from my mother... now SHE'S a force to be reckoned with!)

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