Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Interrupt this (prolonged!) Christmas Recap...

... to inform you that there's been an addition to the family!!! Jon's sister and her husband had a beautiful baby girl, named Katelyn Danae, this past Saturday and we are just so thrilled for them!

Alia joined Jon and I to go see her for the first time...

... and she held that little peanut as if she were her own! 

Katelyn must of known Miss. A was an excited cousin because she did wonderful... all half a dozen times that Alia held her!

Oh the baby dance! 
I haven't done the dance with a fussy newborn in a while... but it sure was a treat, I tell ya!

And if the dancing doesn't work than the curls will! :)

Don't big strong arms look so good holding a baby?!?! :) Jonathan has always had such a tender way with our girls and to see him continue that as an Uncle is such a gift to observe!

Pictures of the new Mommy...

... and the new Daddy...

... compliments of this little photographer!

Katelyn snuggled up and happy with her Daddy!

And that little button nose... it's just asking for kisses, isn't it?!

The lovely family of three!

Katelyn is only a few days old and already I love this girl to pieces!! This is my first "hands on" auntie experience (my other nephews live 15 hours away *sigh*) and oh my gracious, all I can say is this must be a small taste of what it's like to be a grand parent... I'm completely smitten! 

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  1. Wish Jerilyn Congrats from me. And nice choice on the name and spelling :)