Wednesday, January 16, 2013

As You May Have Gathered...

... my folks were out for a visit over Christmas break and it was so nice to simply BE together! Every one of us was either just getting over a cold, had a cold, or were helping take care of those with colds... so the schedule was kept to a minimum, and that was okay!

Poor dad isn't used to being stuck inside so much (and if Jonathan was feeling up to snuff  I have no doubts there would have been lots more "powder play" going on) so taking his little grand girls outside was just what he needed!

First was a little zip around the yard with "raspberry puff" on the snow mobile...

... and then next up was a four wheeler ride with "chocolate cherry". And no I'm not dreaming of pastries... these are Larren's names, trust me! :)

Would have been nice if every one was feeling 100% but there was still lots of fun to be had.

Kid friendly games by day... and on the edge of your seat Euchre tournaments by night! That's how we roll. 

And good luck to whoever has "this remedy has been around for hundreds of years" Jonathan on their team. His concoction of honey and water mixed with LARGE amounts of apple cider vinegar made for a card playing side of him we've never seen before! :) 

And I'll leave you with our theme song for the week, "Little Red"... Grampa made two certain young horse lovers SUPER happy by discovering this little ditty on You Tube. For such an interesting song, it sure does get stuck in your head fast! You've been warned! :)

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