Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Twenty Twelve

As I mentioned our Christmas this year was RE-laxed! The only things planned for the day... baked oatmeal for breakfast, open gifts, and head to Jon's grandparents for a supper get together. 

Mommy and Mango sporting their new (homemade... don't look too close!) mei tai wrap!

And the wobble board...

... which was a hit by both the kiddos AND later the adults at the family get together!

The girls went shopping for Jon and did mighty fine in their "making Daddy smile" gifts!

Checking out their new doll house... and you can't really see it due to the bad photographer's composition, but baby sister has already found a way to climb on it!

And sorry, had the camera by the door to take with us to the gathering but due to the 14 others items we were carrying... I forgot it! I need to some how make my camera a permanent, non ackward, fixture on my arm or something... I dunno!


Eager and excited to celebrate Christmas with Gramma and Grampa once they arrived from Ohio!

Flipping through their grandchild memory book of the year... and Larren explaining every page! :)

And at the arrival of Gramma and Grampa the girls once "low budget first home furnishings" doll house quickly got upgraded to "we won the lottery, it's time to deck this whole place out!" If only I could blow up a few of those pieces for my own house, I tell ya! 

If we could have teleported all our beloved family and friends that we didn't get to spend the holidays with, find places for all of them to sleep, have catered meals three times a day, and STILL keep it super relaxed.... then it really would have been the perfect Christmas! :)

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