Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Opening Act

We set up the girls play house in the basement (since it's winter like 60% of the year here!)  and it has certainly worn many "hats" in it's short little life. It's been not only a house, but a restaurant, a store, a hotel, a horse stable, a nursery, and now a theater!

When my parents were up visiting my Mom & the girls "wrote" a script, gathered the actors, and even made a whole snack bar for the audience to choose from as they bought tickets at the ticket counter!

We had little cups of Jelly Belly's, packages of Skittles, Hershey's, Starbursts, and even bags of popcorn!!

Our snacking lasted long after the puppet show was complete!

Any guesses as to who starred in the drama?

I tell ya, these girls have the horse fever bad!! 

Their story was about friends not treating each other with kindess, then saying they were sorry, and then having a fun time together when everyone was treated nicely! I'm pretty sure Gramma had a big part in writing that one! :)

Just fair warning... if you live within a 20 minute raduis you WILL be invited to at least one puppet show this winter, but don't worry...

... tickets are cheap and they keep the snacks a 'comin! 

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