Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snowy Saturday Saunter

On Saturday we wanted to take the girls sledding, but no one quite seemed in the mood for it... least of all Caidrie :)

... so we decided to go for a "sleigh ride" around out little community instead.

We stopped by the park and that proved to be the hit of the day!

The only problem...

... Caidrie would get a little too excited and her swing would completely flip upside down!

So one of us would have to turn her world right again, and she'd be seeing straight until the next flip-a-roo!

And yes... it's a proven fact, I always ALWAYS look like a crazy lady in front of the camera! Never fails! :)

But I just gotta say, the giggles that my crazed looks produce from my littlest offspring, make even the documented proof worth it! :)

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