Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Eve Twenty Twelve

Our Christmas Eve, along with the rest of our Christmas, was re-laxing with a capital R! The only plan... spend time together! And that's we did!

We didn't want the girls to open all of their gifts at one time so on Christmas Eve, while their little sister napped, they got to open one portion of their goodies.

The classic "close your eyes"...

... and OPEN!

Jon's Grampa went above and beyond when he made them their cute little doll bed and crib, don't ya think?!

I made the mattress out of foam (of course!) and covered it with the same material that our rocking chair cushions were covered in... and made the rest of the bedding out of the girls old crib duvet cover. I'm not into keeping things simply because of sentimental reasons, but at least this way it's the best of both worlds! Sentimental plus practical!

As you can guess, A and L were pretty excited!!

They got new clothes for their Bitty Babies...

... and Alia even got a new Bitty Twin

"Kiwi" (Alia's Bitty Baby) proudly got passed on to Caidrie and "Mango" (we can't get away from fruits!) joined the family!

 This portion of Christmas was "sponsored" by American Girl as you can see! :)

The girls introduced all the dolls to each other, dressed and re-dressed their babies, organized their doll clothes in their new "dressers" and then it was time to tuck their little peanuts in for a nap...

... which goes okay until littlest sister comes to take over! :)

We played, had supper, then the girls opened their new PJ's and we loaded in the Expedition for a Christmas light tour. (And our conclusion is that people don't put up Christmas lights near as much as they used to!)

Two of the three fell asleep on the way home and that left just our oldest to enjoy making "snowman sundaes" with us!

All in all, a delightful way to spend Christmas Eve indeed!

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