Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Wanna Keep It Real...

It may appear that I just love spending EVERY waking minute with my children.... but, let me clarify that they drive me CRAZY on a regular basis! :)

Just some random pictures over the last week or two that make me smile! :)

The last thing I want to portray is that we (or I!) have it all together. Not. A. Chance.


SO.... yup, yesterday was one of those days that I was counting down the minutes to get out of the house ALONE! I couldn't wait to have a little "drive with the windows down and let my hair fly wildly" moments! I didn't want to answer questions... or point out cows or dogs or geese or planes or bikes... or sing the ABC's... or listen to a children's CD... I simply wanted to sing along as LOUD as I wanted to whatever country song was on the radio!

I gotta say... baby bums are just one of the perks of being a Mommy! So stinkin' adorable! :)

I did... and was refreshed when I walked in the door. The girls were "waiting" for me in their beds before they fell asleep and I was thrilled to have a little needed cuddle time after a long day!

I'd be the first to tell you that I have moments where I overreact, say things I shouldn't, give spankings when maybe a gentle (or stern!) talking to would have worked instead, and have to ask forgiveness of my little girlies. I sometimes give MYSELF a time-out and wonder why in the world God gave ME the job of raising two (soon three!) precious children.... but, we're managing, despite my short comings.

Their little kisses and moments of affection make me, AGAIN, thankful for the age spacing of our children! They are simply gonna be the best buddies around! 

God's grace is sufficient and His grace covers my failures. And for that I am BEYOND thankful!

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