Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It sold. Last night Jon sold his dirt bike... and I've yet to break the news to the girls! Maybe it's better if they just discover the little fact on their own! Yup, that's what I'm gonna do. I won't say a word unless they ask... cause it won't be a happy day at Kamp Kreiser when they put two and two together!

I was absolutely surprised (why? I have no idea... their past record of loving all things motorized should have told me differently!) that both Alia AND Larren took such a liking to the thing. But... did they ever.

Now that the bike is gone, the four wheeler will be moving even higher on the favorites list! Jon's putting that for sale too, but I think it's in our best interest to sell it AFTER he gets the new one! Being without a four wheeler would make for quite a lull in summer activity! I have quite enjoyed our family outings as we cruise around the tractor trails behind our place!

Alia did get quite a ride last week though! I think that ride is a good one to store in her memory bank!

I heard her and Jon pull back into the drive and then a "knock, knock, knock" on the door! I opened it to find a bright eyed, smiling Alia... pointing to the dirt bike... saying "Yook, yook at aww dat MUD Mommy!" Then she quickly ran back out to examine her handy work!

It was, indeed, muddy!

But she, somehow, managed to get not-a speck of dirt on her! She was clean as a whistle... and Jon wasn't too plastered either. How? I have no idea! 

If any of you know my beloved husband... you know that he's no stranger to mud! He's had his fair share of adventures, if you will! But this one took him by surprise. They were riding along happily and then insta-SINK! The front wheel was having a hard time turning and he was pretty sure they'd be bailing at any second. 

But they made it home without incident... the previous sparkling clean bike was sure in need of a bath, though!

Jon took it for a spin (one that was a little too speedy for the likes of kids) to clean it off a bit... while Alia waited, impatiently for him to turn back down the road!

People may have asked me if I have a problem with my girls riding on all these toys... and I'm always a little on the "Are you kidding me?" side! I LOVE that our children have opportunity to have fun with their daddy! I LOVE that they will be "well rounded" young ladies when they grow up! I LOVE that these "toys" bring us closer together as a family. I don't want our children to be confined to a small little yard with no where to explore! They need to go find snow mountains, and muddy ditches to splash through, and woods to make trails in. 

The fact is, we are careful... and we'd rather LIVE our lives with WISDOM, than constantly be afraid of the "what if's" that could happen!

We've realized that right now a dirt bike isn't the toy of practicality for our family... but I assure you, there are a couple others to take it's place! :)

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