Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fiddle... Dee Dee

Last weekend we were invited to our friend's place for a bonfire and horse ride... what a delight indeed! 

Due to some drizzles, we ended up sitting on the verandah with yummy grilled hotdogs instead of around the open fire!

And ya know... I think it actually worked out for the better!

I learned (later on!) that a super de-duper active 1 year old around a bonfire makes for one on-edge mama. So... grilled it is, and shall be for awhile! :)

Larren was hardly interested in the carrots, or snow peas, or hot dogs, or chips, or even the rhubarb muffins... she had her eye on ONE thing.

This good ole' boy. And he didn't exactly "feel the love"... so it was an on again, off again relationship through out the evening!

Goodness me... this girl has a thing for puppies... baaa-aaad!

Alia was as happy as can be at the farm... new baby colts, chickens, kittens, and her dream of riding a horse again coming true!

Off they go to meet her ride!

Fiddle needed a little warm up before he had two energetic girls to prance around... so Alia just trotted along behind him... to the tune of her own song. I have no doubt it was of angels singing "Hallelujah" or something similar! She was one happy lark!

The moment Alia had been waiting for...

Poor little Larren wasn't convinced that this was a fair deal!

But she made due... nothing a little mud pie making can't fix.

And when her beloved puppy came along... she had just plain forgotten about her sorrows!

Her chance eventually came... and she too was pleased to be riding up so high!

Though simply petting the "pony" was probably near the top of her dream list! She's a touch and feel sorta girl...

The whole way home Alia kept asking if we could go back and see Fiddle again! Our littlest girl might have puppy fever... but the oldest one sure is itching to be a cowgirl!

Her lady bug rain boots are now referred to as her "cowboy boots"... and her floppy sun hats are now "cowboy hats". She's the real deal folks!

Thanks again Tanya (and Bryan!!)!

You've got two new number one fans! :)


  1. You're more than welcome my dear & little dears! We will have to do it again! You're all more than welcome anytime! :)