Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Arts

Larren has discovered the "arts" over the past couple of weeks!

Coloring is a new "treat" for her. Or should I say snack... whatever it is, blue apparently tastes the best.

And yes... you are seeing this correctly, our littlest love is getting hints of red in her hair. So family... spill the beans! We're Austrian and German... WHO in the world had red hair?! And before ya all go getting yourself in a tizzy... Jon's beard does in fact grow in quite red if he lets it! It's really a tad bit comical... dark black hair with a reddish beard! So be assured... she's ours! :)

Every time we have "craft time" I'm thankful that our table is on it's way out... because staying on the paper is simply way overrated!

And while we're on the subject (in a round about way!!) of our kitchen table, may I just say that I will NOT. BE. SAD. when it leaves! We're waiting until we move to replace it, and for the record... NOTHING in our new house will have an orange or yellow undertone! NOTHING!

And carrying on... :)

... to Play Doh! It too is a new found Blockbuster hit, as I'm sure you could have guessed!

And thankfully big sister is all for the new Michelangelo in town!

And when Daddy gets involved the excitement level REALLY gets upped!

* Alright, alright... this was back in, ohhhh MARCH, when Alia got a black eye on the snowmobile... you caught me. I guess it's safe to say I have a fair bit of catching up to do! *

I didn't marry Jon just for his good looks ya know! This man has some incredible sculpting talent... as I'm sure you would agree!

Now here's to hoping the girls get some artistic ability from that far off red haired family member... cause they sure aren't getting it from anywhere further up the family tree!

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